Responsible Gaming

Mission Statement

All the players are urged to play professionally by We are dedicated to supporting players who want to avoid playing or who want the amount they play to be reduced.
Ensure Responsible play

To play fantasy sports for real money, players must be 18 years of age.

Players on their own will set their monthly playing limit. There is also an alternative for players, by sending us a request from their registered email address, to set the daily play limit. If these restrictions are set, they can only be changed again within 72 hours of the previous change.

Players can choose to self-exclude themselves for any time , players may order that their accounts be momentarily blocked. Players should self-exclude themselves by messaging us at for the following time limits: 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and 6 months. These thresholds cannot be changed / adjusted until confirmed. Please contact us at the same email address if you have a withdrawable balance and want to cancel it.

To keep a check on their playing behavior, players can follow our ‘Guide to Responsible Play.’

Guide to responsible play

Players can find it difficult often to realize that their online play is getting out of hand. A typical approach is to reduce, hide or ignore those problems and the damage they may do. Many persons will lie to themselves about how much money or time is being wasted on playing online.

Some of the greatest practices for helping you play responsibly are below:

Play fantasy sports for entertainment only and in moderation.

To make money or avoid issues, do not play fantasy sports.

If playing fantasy football, never chase the loses.

For fantasy football, set aside an entertainment allowance.

To help monitor the amount you spend, use the Add Cash limit option. Please visit our Add cash limits page for more information.

Balance with other recreational interests the time you spent on playing online fantasy sports.

Recognize if you do not play wisely

Federation of Fantasy Sports

The Fantasy Sports Federation is a non-profit association set up under the Societies Registration Act to educate and promote the online fantasy sports industry to provide players across India with sustainable and balanced entertainment.

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